The Certified Business Strategist is designed for business practitioners and executives who are looking to further their knowledge, skills and competencies in business decision making at  the strategic level. Learners will gain a comprehensive insight into the integration between the various departments in an organisation while making a strategic plan and followed by decisions for implementation. This programme integrates at least 4 of the common departments that all organisations or corporations will have and learners will at least be immersed with making cross departmental decisions to see the implication of each decisions made. This programme is designed to immerse the learner during the learning process by using an online business strategy simulation system as part of the training tool.

On completion of this programme, learners will be able to demonstrate the ability to think across multiple departments and to collaborate across departments to devise strategies and make strategic decisions. The learners will develop skills that includes team-work, problem solving leadership, communication, negotiation and alignment that is useful in the work place.

On completion of the programme, learners will be able to:

(i)                 Recognise changes caused by competitors to the industry which they serve and make needful strategic adjustments for the growth of the business.

(ii)               Practice cross departmental communication to ensure alignments of strategic decisions.

(iii)             Articulate logically with business sense for each key business decisions and its internal and external implication

(iv)             Make judgements with minimal compromises to the overall strategic direction and defend the judgement.

(v)               Apply, adjust and adopt suitable models, techniques and theories to produce an environment audit for an organisation

(vi)             Critically analyse, evaluate and discuss alternative strategies for an organisation’s execution.

(vii)           Develop and integrate strategies for at least 4 departments.

To complete the programme and gain the Certified Business Strategist, students must successfully complete the entire 10 days of training that comprises of 2 days of facilitation, 1 day of simulation and 7 days of online learning.

Depending on the background of the participants, the simulation will be configured to meet different level of challenges from local challenge, 3 countries challenge, 3 continental challenges to MNC structured challenge.

The participants will be awarded with a certificate that carries different ranks to recognise a different level of achievements. A balanced Scoredcard will be presented along with the certificate as part of the achievement.

Those who does not meet the passing requirements will not be awarded with any certificate.